A Good Old Ryukyuan Experience! A Drive around Yomitan

A Good Old Ryukyuan Experience! A Drive around Yomitan

You want to have a great time, but you also want to experience Okinawan culture. Taking a drive to Yomitan is the perfect way to accomplish both! From Ryukyu Mura, where you can experience the good old culture of Ryukyu, to Cape Zampa and Zampa Beach, where you can enjoy the blue waters of Okinawa, this itinerary will cover all the popular spots!

A Good Old Ryukyuan Experience! A Drive around Yomitan

Naha Airport – Shima no Megumi (Island Blessings) Zen – Cape Zampe – Zampa Beach – Zakimi Castle Ruins

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残波岬: 26.440816, 127.712138
那覇空港: 26.207045, 127.651048
島の恵み 膳: 26.419785, 127.732126
琉球村: 26.431420, 127.774215
残波ビーチ: 26.436512, 127.715743
座喜味城跡: 26.410128, 127.740912

Start: Naha Airport

Travel Time: approximately 70 minutes / Duration: 1 hour


Stop #1

Shima no Megumi (Island Blessings) Zen

You can enjoy refined Japanese food skillfully prepared by the owner who trained in the mainland. From the time they open to 3 pm, you can order lunch specials that come with refreshing desserts. First, satisfy your appetite. It is a delightful place to relish dishes that incorporate local ingredients such as Benibuta, an Okinawan brand of pork.

Travel Time: approximately 15 minutes (approximately 90 km)

Stop #2

Ryukyu Mura

All business at Ryukyu Mura is conducted in the native language of Okinawa. The well-cultivated performances will have you thinking you must have traveled back in time to the old days of Okinawa. The park offers a wide selection of Okinawan cultural experiences. Pick up a few sata andagi (Okinawan donuts), freshly made before your eyes, to take home with you. Then, off to the next stop!


Travel Time: approximately 20 minutes (approximately 40 km)


Stop #3

Cape Zampa

The white lighthouse at the tip as its landmark, Cape Zampa is roughly 30 m above sea level and made up of 2 km of sheer cliff, offering a spectacular view. The observatory area offers a view overlooking the East China Sea with an expanse of the beautiful blue sea. It is also a popular spot for diving and surf-fishing, and you can even see Aguni Island, Tonaki Island, and Kume Island on a sunny day. The sunset is equally stunning, and watching the scenery change over time is another way to enjoy this site. You can find a wealth of activities nearby at Zampa Beach, and there are also lodging facilities.

Travel time: approximately 2 minutes; duration: 60 minutes

Stop #4

Zampa Beach

The appeal of Zampa Beach by Cape Zampa is found in its bright white sand. The beach is open for swimming from April through October, and you can walk on the beach all year round. The sand is so fine, it will have you sinking down to your ankles. This is a great place to enjoy the beach in Okinawa.


Travel time: approximately 15 minutes; duration: 20 minutes


Stop #5

Zakimi Castle Ruins

Be extra careful when walking up the castle ruins, as the steps can be unstable. The breathtaking view of the sunset from the ruins will have you forgetting to blink. Take in the panoramic view of East China Sea. This is a hidden gem that most people do not know about yet.

End of trip.